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USB Rechargeable Li-ion AAA Battery With Mirco-B Port For Charging

USB rechargeable Li-ion AAA battery with Mirco-B port for charing

USB Rechargeable Batteries 1.5V/450mAh Lithium Ion AAA Battery with 4-in-1 USB Micro-B Charging Cable



High capacity: ≥450mAh@1.5V        Rated energy: 0.67wh
Output voltage: 1.5V±0.1V@0.5A     Output Current: ≥1.5A
No-load Current: ≤30uA                    Input voltage: 5V
Charging voltage limit: 5V                 Full charge time: approximately 1 hour
Material: high quality fireproof PC + stainless steel Battery life: 1000+ times recycling use

Standard size: 44*10 mm    Micro-B Charging Port: 5V-500mA(Built-in Integrated saftety circut protection)
1000 times cyclic charging, about 1 hour to fast charge full

4 pcs in 1 package

How to charge the battery:

We can use a power bank,USB charger or computer(any device with USB A port)through a micro-B cable to charge the battery.


This rechargeable AA/AAA battery are widely used in remote control,electronic toy,alarm clock,razor,flashlight,wireless keyboard and mouse,etc. 


【USB Charge】: With built-in Micro-b port on interface ,the battery is so easy to charge. With the assorted 4-in-1 USB  Mirco-B cord,You can charge 4 batteries in same time.You can use any charger or power bank in 5V to charge the batteries,no special chargers are required. 

【Charge Indicate】: When the battery is charging ,the indicate on the battery is red; it will turn green when the battery has charged full.

【Durable & Environmentally Friendly】: This product can be recharged 1000+ times, saving thousands of common batteries and reducing a significant about of landfill waste. Mercury, Cadmium or Lead are not used in these batteries.

【Long Life Time】: These USB rechargeable Li-ion batteries are different from the typical Lead Acid,they are no memory effects. Constantly charge and discharge these batteries without noticeable reduction of battery life. Rapid, full charge is achieved in about 1 hour with an additional 2-year standby time. Ultra-low self-discharge, durable in use and storage.

【Safety】: Built-in Integrated safety circuit protects battery from over discharge/overcharge; The Lithium cell is UL listed, The USB rechargeable batteries are RoHS, FCC, and CE listed;



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