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The fast development of USB Type-C

In the year 2017,there are a number of USB connector heads like Mini USB and micro USB to name a few which fall under A , B  types of USB. Today, Type-C thrives in a constantly evolving ecosystem of market competitors and manufacturers.

It is used in Data-Sharing Cables, Mobile phones, Laptop,Wi-Fi Routers, Flash Drives, Security Devices, Multi-Port Adaptors and the list can go on.

We can find USB-C compatibility in a variety of devices, including USB Cables, Flash Drives, HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi Routers, Multi-port Adaptors, Network Adaptors, Security Devices (camera, screen, etc),  USB Hub Ports, and the list is unlimited so long as man continues to innovate and capitalize this wheel (Type-C) to its full efficiency.

Let us understand one thing clearly. USB-C is very fast. When I say ‘fast’, it means 10,000 megabytes transfer in a single second. In technical terms, it makes data travel under 20 Volts or 5 Amperes of power which would allow a photo album of 100 GB travel from point A to point B in 10 seconds! 

The average consumer may not know of the advantages that Type-C offers over other sister-technologies. To list it in 4 points:

Type C is a 24-pin USB connector system with double-sided available  interface, or called  flippable or reversible interface .So you can plug in your cord correctly every time,no need to worry about the right side and reserve side.

It can easily cover most laptop power requirements. The average amount of power required to charge a laptop device is around 40-70W. The Type-C can provide power to about 100W.

It diminishes the need for additional or extra ports on a device, which directly brings us to face the matter of headphone jacks on a hand-held. 

It is fast. Unlike any other cable, Type-C can be used to transfer large files in less time. The Type C gives us the feeling just like the day the train appeared then we thought bus was too slow .

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