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Cat 6 FTP RJ45 Patch Cord

Cat 6 FTP Patch Cord With RJ45 Plug

6 different models to choose:

Cat 5e UTP RJ45 Patch Cord(go to URL)            Cat 6 UTP RJ45 Patch Cord(go to URL)

Cat 5e FTP RJ45 Patch Cord (go to URL)              Cat 6 FTP RJ45 Patch Cord(go to URL)

Cat 5e SFTP RJ45 Patch Cord(go to URL)           Cat 6 SFTP RJ45 Patch Cord(go to URL)

(1)Product Introduction:

With premium quality components combined and strict manufacturing processes ,We JEZETEK have produced ultra performing, super durable modular patch cords. 

Shielded FTP Cat 6 modular cords are manufactured using stranded shielded cable that meets or exceedsT568A/B wiring schemes for category 6 transmission performance.
Modular plugs have an overall shield and meet TIA-968-A and IEC 60603-7 specifications. 
Additionally, all cords are factory tested to ensure compliance with applicable standards requirements.

Choosing JEZETEK modular cords to start a perfectly matched, end-to-end channel solution with unparalleled performance.

It is widely used for a computer,interchanger,router,STB ,TV connecting with a modem,ADSL,interchanger,switch and router etc.

Name: Cat 6 FTP Patch Cord Cable model:Cat 6 FTP
Brand : JEZETEK or OEM / ODM Conductor : 24 AWG stranded BC or
solid BC,or 26 AWG size 
Insolation:1.00±0.05mm HDPE Centre filler:PE
Rip cord : Optional Shield: Aluminum foil
Jacket material : environmental PVC Color : Black or white or others
OD: 6.0 mm+-0.2mm Bandwith : 250MHz
Connector type: 8P8C RJ45 shield plug Strain-relief boot : can be customized
Package : Poly bag ,carton Cable length : 1/2/5/10/20 meters
Test:100% Fluke Test Pass! Certification: UL,CE, ISO, RoHS 
Origin: Shenzhen,China  HS Code: 8544491100


( 2 ) Product Features:

The Cat 6 FTP cable constructed from high quality stranded oxygen-free copper ,with twisted –pair structure ensures minimium of near-end crosstalk levels , small transmission attenuation and high and stable signal transmission speed.

24 AWG (7 strands @0.20mm) stranded wire . Solid 24 AWG bare copper Cat 5e cords are also available for consolidation point or equipment cord applications.

8P8C RJ45 Modular plugs comply with TIA-1096-A and IEC 60603-7 specifications and at least have 50 microinches  gold-plated connector. The result is superior transmission performance and long-term resistance to corrosion from bad condition of humidity or temperature.

Boot design incorporates a latch guard that protects plug from snagging when pulling through  pathways or cable managers.Available with boot or no boot options available(see the differences in the picture above)

Available in a variety of colors to easily color-code your network installation.
Available in a wide range of lengths.

(3) Wide Applications:

 It is widely used for a computer,interchanger,router,STB ,TV connecting with a modem,ADSL,interchanger,switch and router etc.

it is used distribution connection between distribution frame and standard distribution frame or equipment and connection between panel and equipment of client terminal in work area.

Also used in Category 6 applications requiring a consolidation point (CP) or cross-connect (as an equipment cord).
And it is suitable for 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX (Fast Ethernet), and 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet).

(6)Variants and Comparisons:

a)Whether with shield
UTP:without shield (Unshielded Twisted Paired)

FTP: with aluminium foil shield

SFTP:with aluminium foil shield and metal braided mesh

b)Conductor material
Oxygen-free copper ,CCS(copper-clad steel) ,CCA(copper-clad aluminum)

d) Structure of core wire
Solid wire or stranded wire

e)Diameter of conductor
For long length application ,Cat 5e usually prefers 24 AWG (0.50 mm),Cat 6  prefers 23 AWG (0.57mm).
But for short length patch cord ,we may use thinner conductor as 26 AWG even 28 AWG.
And lan cable with stranded wire uses more in patch cord.

f)Different colors of PVC
Variety optional colors for PVC:
Grey ,white ,blue ,black ,green,yellow, orange,violet  or customized by requirement


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