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About Us
Jiuzhou Group and its subsidary corporations , have been widely cared and supported by the government,military and business leaders from the centeral, provinces and cities since it was established.

Sichuan Jiuzhou Wire and Cable Co., Ltd (No.608 stated-owned factory) established in 1970 by the former National electronic industry department as a military enterprise in the past.

Featuring in civil-military integration development in optical cable industry ,is the first batch enterprises of 26 national "12th Five-Year" scientific research units of aerospace-grade high-reliability military components.
The enterprise is  a forerunner of high-quality needed national defense aerospace. It is the designated unit of  the the Chinese People's Liberation Army General Armament Department.

It  is a rising star of domestic military optical cable assemblies, and the top 100 enterprises of China's electronic components industry.

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